About Us
A unique entity in Texas swimming, the Alamo Area Aquatics Association, or AAAA, was established in 1977 to serve as an organizational and administrative umbrella for multiple programs. Each location is in some way affiliated with a school or university. AAAA is a year around competitive aquatics program offering high-quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The club has some 1,300 registered swimmers/athletes training and competing in numerous separate facilities. AAAA has produced 10 Olympic athletes representing five different countries in three different aquatic sports. 
Mission Statement
The Alamo Area Aquatics Association’s mission is to offer athletes an opportunity to participate in year-round competitive aquatics programs and to provide a positive learning environment for every athlete to achieve success through technical excellence.
Our Values
· Excellence of performance both in the pool and in the classroom.
· Respect for our teammates, competitors, coaches, and parents.
· Fitness through sport and play.
· Fun while participating in competitive aquatics programs, in addition to other sport interests or social activities.
The purpose of AAAA is to provide student athletes and patrons opportunities to pursue excellence in competitive swimming, diving, water polo, aquatic education, fitness, and recreation in a safe and supervised professional environment. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve skills and achieve success in life and in the pool.
Alamo Area Aquatics Association is proud to have been awarded the
2020 Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame Distinguished Team
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