Alamo Area Aquatic Association's Responsibility to

USA Swimming's Safe Sport Program.

Alamo Area Aquatic Association and USA Swimming are devoted to creating an uplifting and nurturing environment free from misconduct for all of its members. The USA Swimming Safe Sport initiative is a comprehensive abuse prevention program which consists of a multi-layered approach to keep kids safe. This includes required policies and best practice guidelines. There are mandatory screenings, including criminal background checks and employment screenings. Safe Sport training and education requires monitoring, supervision and mandatory reporting.  These measures are informed by experts in the field of child safety and are among the strongest safeguards found in youth-serving organizations. For more information see USA Swimming's Safe Sport Webpage.

The Mandatory Reporting Rule requires any individual with credible information involving sexual misconduct to report that information to our Safe Sport Program staff.  USA Swimming provides an online form for confidential reporting of sexual misconduct, bullying, inappropriate communications, or code of conduct violations.

USA Swimming Dealing with a Concern (719) 866-4578

US Center for Safe Sport Online Reporting Form 833-5US-SAFE (587-7233)

Text anonymous tips to 888-270-SWIM (7946)

Safe Sport Coordinator for AAAA - Brittany Thomas, [email protected],  (210) 356-6928

Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP) for AAAA. More information on what Minor Athlete Abuse Protection.

USA Swimming Safe Sports Trainings:

USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training: This is a mandatory trainning for all non-athlete members and members 18 & over

USA Swimming Safe Sport Training for Minors (12 - 17 years of age):The course is called "Optional Course: Safe Sport for Athletes"

USA Swimmng Safe Sport Training for Parents: The course is called "Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport"

Best Practices:

AAAA Parent Consent Forms:

Refernce Screening: