Competitive swimming in San Antonio has included many exceptional athletes, coaches and administrators.  The Alamo Area Aquatics Association (AAAA) was established in 1977 to serve as an organizational and administrative umbrella for multiple club programs.  The history of San Antonio 

Swimming in chronological order includes: 


1949 - 1969: 

  • The San Antonio Aquatic Club (SAAC) was formed in 1949 and coached by Roy and Lilly Kniep. 

  • Alamo Heights was coached by Jimmy Cunningham 

  • SAAC was coached by George Smith and Alamo Heights was coached by Hal Robbins.  During this time a swimmer named Chuck Worrel (1961-1964) became one of the best backstroke swimmers in the USA and later became the Head Coach at Alamo Heights. 

  • SAAC trained at the Alamo Heights Pool in Olmos Basin and at North East ISD pool at the Blossom Athletic Center.  Another team at that time that trained at the NEISD pool was the North East Aquatic Team coached by Ted Stickels and eventually in 1969 merged as one team keeping the SAAC name.    


1969 - 1976:

Coach Bill Walker served as the NEISD Aquatic Coordinator and Head Coach for SAAC 1969-1976 while John Ryan served as the Age Group Coach.  

  • SAAC won the Long Course TAGS Championship in the Summer of 1972. 

  • Fall 1976 Coach John Ryan was named the NEISD Aquatic Coordinator and Head Coach for 

SAAC.  During his tenure he developed a 3rd grade swim lesson program and the North East  

Summer Swim League. 

  • Pete Williams became the Head Coach at Alamo Heights and was assisted by George Block. 


1977 – 1988: 

  • Coach John Ryan and Coach Pete Williams discuss creating Alamo Area Aquatics Association 

(AAAA) during Spring Nationals in 1977. 

  • George Block becomes the Northside Aquatic’s Director in 1978. 

  • AAAA is formed with three sites:  Alamo Heights, Northside and SAAC.   

  • AAAA/SAAC swimmer Cassie Cochran sets two American Records in 100 meter and 200 meter breaststroke events in February 1978 

  • AAAA swimmers won Junior National Gold Medals during this era to include: SAAC’s Chris Rowe, Jack Biere, Ken Grey, Greg Goulet and Vanessa Richey, Alamo Heights Lynn Reynold and Jim Anderson 

  • From 1980-1983 Tim Henrich succeeded Pete Williams at Alamo Heights and from 1983-1984   

Jim Yates became the Head Coach and Alamo Heights left AAAA. 

  • Fall 1982 Bill Walker returns to San Antonio to succeed John Ryan at SAAC/NEISD  who moves on to coach the SMU Women’s team. Walker is assisted by Pete Williams. In 1983 Todd Cook wins the Junior National title in the 200 Butterfly. 

  • Bruce Hayes returned to San Antonio to train for the 1984 Olympic Trials.  Hayes made the team  

and anchors the USA 800 Freestyle Relay to the Gold Medal becoming San Antonio’s first Olympic Medalist in the sport of swimming.  

  • 1984 San Antonio Nadadores (SAISD) join AAAA and the school district hires Donald Walker as Aquatic’s Director and Head Coach  

  • AAAA wins 1984 SC TAGS Championships. 

  • SAAC’s Vanessa Richey qualifies for US Olympic Trials in 1984  

  • Bill Thomas joins Block as Assistant Coach at Northside in 1986 

  • Northside’s Laura Grimes Jr. National Champion 100 Breaststroke 1986 

  • Bill Walker retires from coaching at SAAC and remains the NEISD Aquatic’s Coordinator.  Pete 

Williams becomes the Head Coach in 1987-1988. 



  • Kit Patterson, Ellis Eaton, Chris Olvera and Scott Schumaker 1988 Jr. National Champions 400 Medley Relay   

  • AAAA wins the 1988 SC Junior National title in Grand Forks, North Dakota. 

  • Coach Pete Williams resigns SAAC Head Coach position to take Head Coach job at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania 

  • David Johnson became the SAAC Head Coach in the Fall of 1988 and was assisted by Shirl Walter. 

  • SAAC’s Kathleen Wilcox, Eric Bailey and Ryan McKinney US National 1989  

  • Northside’s Matt Hooper wins 1500 Freestyle at US Olympic Festival Champion 1989 

  • Matt Hooper becomes AAAA first selected US National Team Member 

  • Matt Hooper makes US SC World Championship Team  

  • Matt Hooper 1990 National Champion 1650 Free  

  • Northside’s Brent Branstetter, Joe Vasquez, Walter Soza, Derek Howorth and Jennifer Banda 

US National qualifiers 1991 

  • Matt Hooper qualifies for 1992 US Olympic Trials; Finalist 

  • Jimbo Haley qualifies for US Pentathlon Team to Barcelona 1992 

  • Northside’s Heather Branstetter, Soza, Howorth National qualifiers 1992 

  • Heather Branstetteer  National High School Champion, National Jr. Team and National qualifier 1993 

  • Northside’s Raina Elwani Jr. National Champion in 50, 100 Free and 100 Fly in 1993 

  • SAAC’s Ryan McKinney qualifies for 1992  US Olympic Trials 

  • Northside’s Chris Epp qualifies for 1992 US Olympic Trials 

  • Matt Hooper 1992 National Champion in 400 IM  

  • Northside’s Derek Howorth qualifies for 1992 US Olympic Trials and was a semi finalist in the 200 Breaststroke (14th place) 

  • Palo Alto College joins AAAA in 1993 and hires Denny Ryther as Facility Director/Head Coach 

  • Matt Hooper and Heather Branstetter qualify for US Nationals 1994 

  • AAAA 9th Place Combined team at US Nationals 

  • 1995 SAAC’s Sarah Doyle, Ryan Mammarella, Chris Ross and Nadadors’ Adrian Montoya qualified for the US Open in Buffalo, NY 

  • Northside’s Megan Ryther Jr. National Champion in 1500 Free 1994 

  • SAAC’s Ryan Kafer 1995 LC Junior National LC Champion in the 50 and 100 Freestyle. 

  • Ryan Mammarella, Cedric Owens, Michael Proffit and Chris Epp Jr. National Champions 800 Free Relay 1995  

  • Megan Ryther Spring Senior Nationals Rookie of the Meet 1996 

  • Megan Ryther qualifies for 1996 US Olympic Trials   

  • Matt Hooper 1996 National Champion in 100 and 200 butterfly 

  • Hooper, Howorth, H. Branstetter, Ryther qualifiy for 1996 US Olympic Trials 

  • Walter Soza represents Nicaragua in 1996 Olympic Games 

  • Raina Elwani represents Egypt in 1996 Olympic Games 

  • Chris Epp Jr. National Champion 200 Free and 400 Free 1997  

  • Megan Ryther 5K World Championship Team Event Gold Medalist 1997 

  • Chris Epp National High School Champion 200 Free; US National Qualifier 1998 

  • Kathy Barris, Phoenix Fribourg, Christina Pikla, Katie Peterson Jr National Champions 400 Medley Relay 1988  

  • Judson Metrocom joins AAAA in 1998 and hires Scott Harris as Head Coach.  Bob Renfrew became Head Coach 2000 – present 

  • San Antonio Nadadores’ Christina Pikla and Louis DeLeon qualified for the 1998 US Open 

  • AAAA places 17th in Combined Teams at Phillips 66 National Championships in 1999 

  • AAAA Team places 5th at 1995 Junior Nationals, 9th in 1997, 6th in 1999 and 4th in 2000  

  • SAAC’s Sarah Chandler, Rob Harrison and Jordan Hollsten qualify for US Nationals in 1998 

  • Sarah Chandler and Rob Harrison qualify for US Nationals 1999 

  • Sarah Chandler qualifies for US Olympic Trials 2000  

  • Matt Hooper and Chris Epp qualify for US Olympic Trials 2000 

  • Jennifer Gutierrez captains USA Triathlon Team in Sydney 2000 

  • San Antonio Nadadores’ Adrian Montoya qualifies for US Olympic Trials 2000  

  • 2001 Bill Walker retires from NEISD and David Johnson becomes NEISD Aquatic’s Coordinator 

  • 2001 NEISD absorbed the team and re-established it under district management as the North East Aquatic Team (NEAT)  

  • NEAT’s Celina Lemmen qualifies for US Spring Nationals in 2002  

  • Shane Milu qualifies for US Nationals 2003 

  • Milu qualifies for US Olympic Trials 2004 

  • Northside’s Sofian Daid, Maharez Mubarek and Aghiles Slimani represent Algeria in 2004 Olympic Games 

  • Northside’s Nabil Kebab represents Algeria in 2008 Olympic Games 

  • Celina Lemmen represents Netherlands in 2004 Olympic Games 

  • NEISD/NEAT hires Rick Whittlesey as Head Coach in 2002 and resigned in 2004 

  • David Johnson became interim Head Coach in 2004 

  • Caitlin Andrew from Northside qualifies for Nationals in 2004  


2005 – 2020: 

  • Caitlin Andrew National Qualifier 2005-2007 and was a consolation or finalist each year   

  • Nadadores’ Blake McKay US National Qualifier 2006     

  • Northside’s Casey Hurrell-Zitelman US National Qualifier 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012 

  • Northside’s Nabil Kebab represents Algeria in 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games  

  • Kebab finaled in World SC Championships in 2012 

  • Mark Jedow becomes NEISD/NEAT Head Coach 2005-2008. He resigns to coach High School and NEISD hires Larry Hough as Head Coach 2008-2012. 

  • Northside’s Kaitlin Andrew US National qualifier 2004-07; consolation or finalist 05-07 

  • Northside’s Caitlin Andrew makes 2007 National Team; Gold Medal as member of 400 Free Relay team  

  • Northside’s Bryan Snowden US National Qualifier 2008 

  • Northside’s Chelsea Miller US National Qualifier 2009, 2010, 2012 

  • Kaitlin Andrew qualifies for 2008 US Olympic Trials; semi-finalist in three events   

  • AAAA places 7th Combined Team at 2008 Junior Nationals and 4th in 200 Northside’s David Moore US National Qualifier 2012 

  • Chelsea Miller US Olympic Trials Qualifier 2012 

  • AAAA places 7th Combined Team at 2008 Junior Nationals and 4th in 2009 

NEAT’s Lily Moldenhauer Junior National Champion in the 100 and 200 Butterfly at the 2008 SC Junior Nationals and champion 200 Butterfly 2009 SC Junior Nationals.  

  • NEAT’s Moldenhauer qualifies for US Olympic Trials in 2008; Semi-finalist in 200 Fly  

  • NEAT’s John Murray 2011 LC Junior National Champion in 100 Freestyle. He combined with Luke Shaw, Ian Lemaistre and Keanu Stevenson to win the 400 Freestyle Relay and set 17-18 LC National Age Group Record. 

  • AAAA places 7th at SC Junior Nationals in 2010.  

  • NEAT’s Anna Mayfield, John Murray and Ryan Koops qualify for US Olympic Trials in 2012 

  • Northside’s David Moore US National Qualifier 2012 

  • Chelsea Miller US Olympic Trials Qualifier 2012 

  • NEAT’s Kim Pavlin represents Croatia in the Olympic Games in 2012 

  • NEISD/NEAT hires Lou Walker as Head Coach in 2012-2019.  

  • Jewish Community Center (JCC) joins AAAA in 2012 with Susan Ingraham as Head Coach. 

  • NEAT’s Zach Yeadon 2016 Junior National Champion 1650 Freestyle and named to National Junior Team. 2017 National Championships 9th 1500 Free and 11th in 800 Free.  Scores 10th in 1500 Free, 7th in 800 Free and 4th in 400 Free at 2018 National Championships and named to World University Games Team  

  • NEAT’s John Murray qualifies for US Olympic Trials 2016 

  • Northside’s Mikey Calvillo makes National Junior Team in 2017 and 2018  

  • Mikey Calvillo makes World Junior Team in 2018 

  • Former USA Olympian Doug Gjertsen is hired by NEISD/NEAT as Head Coach Fall 2019 

  • Coach Bill Walker passed away on January 7, 2021 

  • 2021 AAAA umbrella organization includes: Alamo Heights, Jewish Community Center, Judson Metrocom, North East ISD, Northside ISD, Palo Alto College, San Antonio Nadadores  

  • NEAT’s Cole McAnany qualifies for 2021 Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska  

  • AAAA NEAT qualifies 10 swimmers for the 2021 Speedo Summer Championships at Irvine, CA. 

Women 7th, Men 19th, Overall Team 9th Place